Leading Producers Round Table

Lifetime Emeritus – Steven Israel 14 years

Lifetime Emeritus – Deborah B. Hollister 11 years

Soaring Eagle – Michele Malooley  10 years

Soaring Eagle – Elizabeth Martorella 6 years

Soaring Eagle – Gary Owen 5 years

Soaring Eagle – Stacy Murphy 3 years

Soaring Eagle – Alison Clemens 2 years

Soaring Eagle – Daniel Hollister 2 years

Soaring Eagle – Rachel Majewski 2 years

Golden Eagle – Curtis Beckles 1 year

Golden Eagle – Arlando Williams 1 year

Presidents Council – Jacqueline Colucci 3 years

Presidents Council – Sophia Gutierrez 2 years

Presidents Council – Clare Goyette 1 year


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In the insurance business as in many other industries, some individuals seem to consistently be top producers.  Not only are they top producers, they strive for excellence in their field, and provide impeccable service to their clients.  The top notch way they do business means that their clients are happy, and that there fewer service problems for you.

A top producer in the insurance industry is like a center of excellence in the medical arena.  Their expertise in their field results in their ability to produce a significantly greater amount of business, yet do so in a cost-effective manner.  Their outcomes are better than those of other producers because of their dedication to excellence and the volume of business they produce.

At NABIP, we have a program designed to reward our members who are outstanding producers.  That program is the Leading Producers Roundtable.  LPRT qualifiers receive a number of free or discounted educational offerings and other services from us – after all they are the best of the best and we depend on their knowledge and dedication to their industry to help our own organization be the best.

Please feel free to contact us if you have LPRT questions or issues with the online process at LPRT@nahu.org.

The Leading Producers Round Table (LPRT) formed in 1942 to recognize the successful underwriters of accident and health insurance. Today, the LPRT committee is committed to making LPRT the premier program for top health, disability, long-term care and worksite marketing insurance producers, carrier reps, carrier management, and general agency/agency managers.

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